On June 22, 1979 The International Cat Association was founded by Georgia Morgan, and a handful of cat enthusiasts. Their dream of building the most progressive, flexible and innovative cat registry in the world came true when TICA was formed.

TICA's first show was "A Midsummer Night's Dream" held at Fort Lewis, near Tacoma, Washington, on July 28, 1979.

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TICA - A Trend To the Future

by Georgia Morgan

From The Beginning All We Had Was Our Word

The International Cat Association was organized/established Friday, June 22, 1979 in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. The village of Branson (near Point Lookout) was the birth place of our illustrious Association. Historical markers were never put in place, but most certainly the spontaneous dream of a handful of cat enthusiasts, reinforced by their courage, foresight, and intestinal fortitude that inspired the establishment of TICA are worth remembering. They have served as the endowment of the most progressive, flexible and innovative cat registry in the world.

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Pay for your Titles - If your cat received notification of a title, that's great news, but don't stop there! The letter you received is only a courtesy notice (letting you know that your cat is title eligible) - you must pay for the title confirmation through the TICA Executive Office (paypal@tica.org), in order for the title to become official! After you pay for your title, don't forget that you have also earned bragging rights! Announce your cat's new title in the TREND, as a TRENDSETTER! Share your TICA pride with TICA's world!

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There are 13 Regions in TICA. The Regional Directors website lists the Region with its Director, their website, locations, and clubs. For more information on each Region, visit the TICA website.


JUDGE: Carol Lawson, Approved Allbreed

I live in Bradenton, Florida. As a young child, my Grandmother, who lived next door, always had "angoras" as she called them, and I loved them for as long as I can remember. I don't show because my cats are too old! My husband and I have exhibited since 1982 under the cattery name Lawmaine. I have shown Maine Coons, Persians, Cornish Rex, Exotic Shorthair and American Shorthair.

My most memorable judging experience was judging in Moscow and Budapest before the Iron Curtain came down ... wow, did those exhibitors have passion for their cats and cat shows! And the spectators ... amazing crowds who were very enthusiastic about cats! I'll never forget the disinfectant in dishpans ... my hands weren't the same for a week or more!!

I love traveling the world, adding new places to my bucket list which is currently stands at 146 countries visited! Other interests include scuba diving, IndyCar racing, collecting Murano art glass and Bordeaux wine collecting and shopping!!

I would like to share this. Ours is a hobby in which we share a passion for felines and, within our shared zeal, we need to exhibit good sportsmanship as the hallmark of everything we do. This hobby awards us with worldwide friendships which is one of the very best benefits. My best advice to anyone exhibiting would be to "know your TICA breed standard inside and out". And remember, showing is also a beauty contest - good grooming tips might be shared from unlikely competitors outside the breed you are exhibiting.


CLERK: Honey Gilmore

I live in Alabama, SE Region... At first, I thought I might consider entering the judging program. I also felt that clerking would give me a better opportunity to learn more about what it takes to put on a show, all the cats, catalog, and the fancy as a whole. Over time, I clerked to offset my expenses and developed an appreciation for what an efficient, quality clerk brings to a show. I am convinced now more than ever that we need clerks interested in doing the job for the sake of doing it well, not just to check a box on the road to something else.

As a clerk, I love helping the judge and the club and have a ring run smoothly and efficiently. I first clerked at a show in Huntsville hosted by Twickenham cat club. They had a couple of financially successful shows but folded due to the other typical challenges of clubs. I remember I clerked for the Saturday HHP only ring judged by Robby Whyte, way back when he was an HHP only club. Next I clerked for charlotte Guthrie on the Sunday of the 1995 regional in Tallahassee, Florida. Other than the air conditioner going out in July - we had a great time.

Presently, I am showing HHPs as that is all I have. I have shown British, Somalis and Devons of my own. I have agented Americans, Exotics, Maines, and Tonkinese for sure.

My other interests are thoroughbred horse racing, collegiate gymnastics, collegiate football, snow skiing, relaxing on the beach under an umbrella with lots of sunscreen, and probably a lot of other things I can't think of right now.

I do a certain amount of rescue and recently was really touched not just by the cats I helped, but the people.


JUNIOR LIAISON: Alex Marienets

I live in British Columbia, Canada, NW Region. I have had cats all my life, so it was a natural move to breed and open a cattery.

I LOVE GOING TO THE SHOWS AS THIS SHOWS OFF THE BEAUTY OF OUR CATS. Two of my kids were in the JE program so I was asked to be a Junior Liaison. It is fascinating to watch children enjoy cats. They seem to do that naturally because they like what they do and I enjoy working with them. I try to make the program less formal for them as not all kids want structure of the program. My main goal is that when they grow up, they have good memories of felines and my hopes are that they will join TICA and continue working with cats.

As far as hobbies, I love cats and traveling. I also like photographing the beauty of nature and animals.

More than anything else, I hope lots of people in TICA support the Junior Program as those are the future of the organization.



I live in Texas and I am nine years old. I have been in cats for about two years.

My grandma and I breed Ragdolls. My favorite thing about showing cats is meeting people, and I also like marking the catalog. My goal in TICA is to become a judge.

Some of my other interests are Girl Scouts and church. My favorite subject in school is reading.

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