Portland's International Cat Show Celebrates Wacky Cat Culture


As Portland's dog show packs up its canines and heads out of town, it's time for the cats to take over the spotlight. The New Culture Club, along with The International Cat Association, is putting on the International Cat Show, a celebration of cats and cat ownership.

Much like the dog show, the three-day cat show, held at the Portland Airport Holiday Inn, includes continuous judging of purebred cats. Some 40 of 60 recognized breeds will be represented at the show, from the well-known Persian and Siamese to the rarer Bengal and Australian Mist. Read More

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AVMA Delegates Push Jerky Investigation

The American Veterinary Medical Association's House of Delegates backed away last week from a proposal that would have discouraged the feeding of jerky treats to pets and instead recommended that veterinarians continue to work with federal investigators to determine whether jerky is to blame for the deaths of hundreds of animals since 2007.


The House of Delegates, which enacts policies for the veterinary profession, returned a petition to the Executive Board with a recommendation that AVMA members "provide input to the Food and Drug Administration on incidents and conditions [that] could be associated with pet food and treats." Read More

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Pet health crisis: Americans skimp on preventive care

There's an American health crisis that doesn't have anything to do with federal health care websites, rising deductibles or doctor shortages. Our pets are getting sicker, and many pet owners don't even have a clue.

In the past six or seven years, the percentage of U.S. pets that are obese or overweight has increased 37% for dogs and a whopping 90% for cats — leading to increases in other serious conditions, as with people, from diabetes to arthritis and other problems. Diabetes is up 32% in dogs since 2006, says an annual report from Banfield Pet Hospital. Arthritis is up 38% in dogs and 67% in cats since 2007. Thyroid and kidney disease are up. Even flea infestation are increasing. Read More

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Exhibition/Contest in the Moon Cat International Art Festival in Spain 2014


Cat Museum of Lloret de mar celebrates the International Day of Cat! Every year, The Cat Museum of Lloret de Mar organized the "Moon Cat" Festival the last week of February to March, coinciding with the International Day of Cat (March 1st).

We prepare a contest and exhibition of drawing, painting and photography dedicated to cat, if you want to participate.

The Festival is held between February 22th and March 1st, therefore, you might send us the work until Friday February 21, expose them during a week. Even so, we invite you to participate in the celebration of the Cat Day and all activities to be undertaken in those days. We send the application form. Read More

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It Pays to Have Pet Insurance


We've all heard horror stories of cats darting out the house and getting into trouble. Poor Fletcher, pictured here, escaped one day and was badly injured from hiding in a warm car engine. Embrace Pet Insurance, TICA's trusted partner, stepped up and reimbursed Fletcher's family almost $4,000 for his medical bills.

Protect your cats and kittens today with pet insurance. And don't forget to ask about free pet insurance for you and your buyers.

Click here to get a Free Quote.

Click here for a Free Trial Plan Kit.

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Help Keep More Cats Out of Shelters with #PreciousCat Cat Attract Litter


Litter box issues aren't my fault!

You may be familiar with Dr. Elsey cat litter but we're delighted to present an interview with the man behind the brand. Dr. Bruce Elsey owns a feline-only veterinary hospital founded in 1978 in Denver. He is the creator of the Cat Attract Litter Formula Cat Attract™ is scoopable blended with a natural herbal attractant making it more alluring for cats

As a holistic cat behaviorist the most common issue I encounter is inappropriate litter box use. Sadly, a high percentage of cats end up being surrendered to shelters because they have litter box issues. Many of these perfectly healthy cats in shelters are euthanized. It doesn't need to be that way. Read More

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2014 World Cat Congress Sponsored by Sturdi Products in Miami


New York, New York – February 6, 2014 – The World Cat Congress is one of the largest international pedigreed and household pet cat shows. All Cats Cat Club, a new Florida based TICA club, will host the Annual meeting in March 2014. Sturdi Products Inc. is proud to sponsor the upcoming World Cat Congress event in Miami, Florida.

The World Cat Congress was established to promote better understanding and co-operation among the world's major cat associations in matters of mutual interest and concern such as cat legislation and feline welfare which affects all cat lovers, from the pedigree breeder to the pet owner. Read More

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First aid for pets gets support in Colorado bill

DENVER (AP) — Many have seen those cute videos showing firefighters giving oxygen to dogs and cats after a fire. But the firefighters could be liable if something goes wrong. A Colorado bill aims to correct that.

A Senate committee gave unanimous approval Thursday to the bill to authorize emergency responders to give basic medical care to pets.

Firefighters and EMTs routinely give basic care to pets. However, veterinarians are technically the only people besides owners who are legally permitted to provide medical care to an animal.

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