TICA's 35th Annual is here!

The Honorable Paw Revere has declared that the 30th and 31st of August in the year 2014 has been set aside for the annual gathering of Fabulous Felines and Friends in the beautiful city of Worcester, Massachusetts at the DCU Center. The purpose of this gathering is to celebrate in Fun and Frivolity the achievements of the last show seaon.

Featuring: 12 Ring Cat Show, Vendors from all over New England

For Exhibitors: LIVE BAND Friday evening, TICA Annual Awards Banquet Saturday Evening, Hospitality Suite Thursday-Sunday evenings

Have a look at the upcoming weather in Worcester, MA:

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PetSmart Charities® Funds National Spay/Neuter Training Center


$1.5 Million Grant Quadruples Training Opportunities for Veterinarians and Veterinary Students

The PetSmart Charities' Humane Alliance Spay/Neuter Training Center opened its doors yesterday on the Humane Alliance campus in Asheville, N.C. At full capacity, this state-of-the-art facility will enable more than 550 veterinarians and veterinary students annually to get the hands-on experience they need to spay/neuter more dogs and cats. With 4 million pets euthanized every year due to lack of space, spay/neuter is the most effective way to help combat shelter pet overpopulation problems nationwide.

"When organizations come together and collaborate as we've done with Humane Alliance, the results can be transformational," said Julie White, senior director of programs, grants and field initiatives, PetSmart Charities. Read More.

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Royal Canin



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Dogs and cats are not equally popular worldwide

Image There Aren't Just Dog People And Cat People; There Are Dog Countries And Cat Countries!

Much as people can have a preference for cats or dogs, different places also tend to swing one way or the other. And so the populations of the two most popular pets in the world are not spread evenly across the globe.

Market research company Euromonitor—a company that studies, among other things, the global market for pet food and pet care—has put together a worldwide picture of cat and dog populations.

Over at the Washington Post, Wonkblog has the numbered breakdown of how many cats and dogs there are in various countries. While the cat vs. dog trends stand out (there are actually more cats than dogs in the U.S.), there's another underlying trend: Americans aren't so much dog or cat people as they are pet people. Read more

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Remembering Kathy Byram


Kathy was a loved and valued member of TICA for a very long time. Kathy's involvement in planning, organizing and presenting shows extended beyond her home town of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Kathy attended many Regionals and was involved with three Annuals, two of which were held in her home town of Edmonton. She was most recently President of the NW Consortium host club for the 2013 Annual in Seattle. Throughout the years, she acquired vast amounts of knowledge surrounding cats and the workings of shows.

Since retirement, Kathy dedicated much of her time to the Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club. She volunteered and served on the Board of Directors for her local rescue group, The Hervey Foundation for Cats. In the past year, many cats Kathy knew crossed over "The Rainbow Bridge". As her friends lost their "fur babies", Kathy would grieve each one as if it were her own. Never did we imagine she would join them so soon. Kathy had a large soft spot in her heart when it came to cats.

Her passing has left a void in her club, the Northwest Region, and TICA. Go in peace our friend. You will be forever missed.

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Remembering Dr. Solveig Pflueger


Dr. Solveig Pflueger, honored as a "TICA Treasure", was one of the most important people in TICA history. She wrote TICA's Registration Rules, and was always a source for expertise in updating and/or changing any rule. Dr. Solveig, who was Chair of the Genetics Committee since TICA's inception, also had an artistic expertise in which she worked in costume design with many theater companies, including Renaissance Festivals. Her knowledge and expertise surrounding cats was respected and sought by every cat registry worldwide. Dr. Solveig was the person that could make a 4hr seminar on genetics feel like 30 minutes.

Her hands and mind were never still; always working on something. She had her own cattery of cats that she loved and observed. Dr. Solveig's favorite cat, a red male classic tabby Manx, had the distinction of earning a RW, IW, LA and also a GC in CFA.

Her family, friends, medical family, cat family, and her artistic family will forever remember her as that special classy lady in whom she was. We love and miss you Dr. Solveig. You truly were one of a kind.

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More about the 2014 TICA Annual

Download this Travel Guide PDF that includes directions, schedules, maps and more!

The DCU Center, Exhibition Hall
50 Foster Street, Worcester, MA 01608

Show Hotel
Hilton Garden Inn Worcester
35 Major Taylor Boulevard, Worcester, MA 01608
Parking garage across from the hotel is $9.95 per day and can be billed as part of your hotel stay (there are other parking lots available within 2-3 blocks of the show hotel with rates of just $2-$5 a day. Free street parking in Worcester on Sundays)

What to do in Worcester?
There will be a welcome area set up in the hotel lobby where you can find information on area attractions, restaurants and shopping. For those wanting to make evening plans with friends prior to arriving in Massachusetts, please visit this website for helpful dining information. Also, Shrewsbury St is close to the hotel and you will find quite a few nice restaurants there.

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