TICA 2014 Membership Ballot

Have you taken the time to read up on the candidates and proposals on this year's ballot? You can find all the details HERE.

Although there was a snag in the election earlier this month, voting will re-start on October 31, 2014.

Online Voters: All online ballots of the previous election launch have been discarded. You will need to re-vote on all questions. You will receive a new ballot notification email and you will be given new login information through your TDS Online account.

Paper Voters: The original paper ballots that were sent out will not be counted. Eligible paper voters will receive new (noticeably different) paper ballots to mail in. There will be no complexity for the voting company to tally the correct ballot.

If you have any questions or concerns about your ballot, please email us at ballot@tica.org

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Precious Cat Litter, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Team Up to Leave Cancer in the Dust


Precious Cat Litter and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) have partnered on a campaign to raise awareness and find a cure for multiple myeloma, a rare form of blood cancer. Kathy Elsey, cofounder of the Englewood, Colo.-based Precious Cat Litter, was diagnosed with the disease in 2009. Since then, she and her husband, Dr. Bruce Elsey, have donated nearly $7 million to the Norwalk, Conn.-based organization.

"This is an opportunity for us to raise awareness for an organization that is making great strides toward finding a cure and advancing treatments for multiple myeloma," said Dr. Elsey, cofounder of Precious Cat Products. Read More.

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Royal Canin



Introducing the Lykoi: A New Face of Feline Breeding


There's a new cat on the block, and it looks like a werewolf. The Lykoi cat is purposely bred to express a unique natural mutation that makes it have thinner hair or no fur at all around the nose, eyes, underbelly, and paws. Some may question why exactly you would want a balding feline, but for many cat lovers, the Lykoi cat is becoming a hot topic.

Lykoi cats have been naturally seen on occasion, and at first glance, can look like a cat with moderate mange. However, this is reportedly the first time the trait has ever been purposely bred into a population for a specific effect. Read More.

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World Ragdoll Congress 2014, unique event for Ragdoll breeders and owners


On November 14th-16th the World Ragdoll Congress 2014 will be held in Asperen, The Netherlands, hosted by the Dutch TICA club Cats and Tulips. Ragdoll breeders and owners from all over the world will meet and share their passion for their wonderful breed. Over 60 breeders from 15 different countries already confirmed their participation.

For any further information please contact Kees van den Brink by e-mail brin3742@planet.nl. Please visit our website www.worldragdollcongress2014.org to find all available information on the World Ragdoll Congress 2014. Read More.

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TICA supports the Cat Cafe in Denver!


Denver Cat Company is located at 3929 Tennyson Street. They are planning to open doors on November 15 - perhaps sooner, depending on how little sleep the owner can operate on. The wonderful partner shelter, Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, will provide about 10-12 cats.

Wine-and-painting classes will regularly be offered through our partners at Teller Street Gallery. They are curating art from local artists to display in the cafe, which will double as a gallery space. Read More.

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Pampered cats of 1913 lived like royalty in East Providence

Worcester native (Hattie) Maybelle Lynn Childs Jacobs was more than a cat fancier: She was a harpist, music teacher and director of Worcester's Alhambra Harp and Mandolin Orchestra, where she met her third husband, Henry L. Jacobs. They married in Providence on Oct 6, 1909 and set up housekeeping at 376 Benefit St. with a chauffeur and a Japanese chef. He told the 1910 census taker he was 35 and a dry-goods merchant; she told him she was 33, but she was 40. By 1913, when the story above was written, they had moved to a home they called Lynnhurst, at 3350 Pawtucket Ave. in East Providence.

As our Jan. 19, 1913 story above (click it to read a full-size page) says, "Mrs. Jacobs became a member of the Boston Cat Club and when the movement was started in this State a year or two ago to form a similar organization she became one of the incorporators of the Rhode Island Cat Club. She was elected President immediately after it was organized and still holds that position." Read More.

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Leading ladies at Le Bristol Paris


Two small guardians now watch over Le Bristol Paris. On the 31st of July, Le Bristol Paris acquired a new resident, a delightful female Birman cat christened Kléopatre.

Loving, affectionate, playful and delicate, Kléopatre was immediately adopted by Fa-Raon, the palace pasha himself. In fact she is now the ideal mate for Fa-Raon, who had hitherto been the only feline soul in Le Bristol.

Fa-Raon has proved a real gentleman and welcomed this newcomer to his elegant abode. He has taken her on discovery tours of the hotel's corridors and sumptuous lounges, for strolls through the French gardens, and even shares his favourite corner with her: the concierge's counter!

This loving and friendly female cat goes along with the games of tiny toddlers and is happy to be stroked by everyone, purring all the while. Her arrival heralds an increase in the Le Bristol family and bears witness, once again, to the importance of the family values generated by this exceptional palace hotel. Read More.

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