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Voting is open for the TICA 2014 Annual Membership Ballot. If you are a TICA eligible voter, follow the instructions below.

  • Login to your TDS Online Account
  • Click on the VOTE button
  • Make a note of the voting username and password on the screen. These are unique to this election.
  • Click on the VOTE NOW link and follow the on-screen instructions. This includes details about each ballot item which you can review before casting your vote.

**Your TDS Online account may show more than one login option. Please login to both accounts, they will have different questions that need your vote!

Voting will close on December 15, 2014 at 5pm CST.

Have you taken the time to read up on the candidates and proposals on this year's ballot? You can find all the details HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns about your ballot, please email us at ballot@tica.org

The voter site will be down Sunday, November 30, 2014 at midnight (5 AM GMT) to 6 AM EST (11 AM GMT).

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TICA Grants Wishes!

Thank you for responding last December to TICA Make A Wish!! We heard your request and want to tell you about the new TICA Fabulous Felines program. We hope the program will be launched in the spring of 2015.

The TICA Fabulous Felines program is designed to present a "cat and spectator" hands-on personal experience. Spectators will gain intimate knowledge of the breed and TICA by petting and handling the TICA Fabulous Feline and talking with the owner/handler. The spectator should come away from the experience feeling welcomed by the TICA community and with greater knowledge about TICA and pedigree and household pet cat ownership.

Thank you for taking your time to let us know what you would like to see. We are listening!

What would you like to see happen with TICA if you could have anything at all? TELL US! Email us and tell us what your wish(s) are at MakeAWish@tica.org

Look next month for more delivered wishes!

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Pretty Kitty: 'Friendly' Genes In Felines Mapped In Study


House cats are a great source of companionship for many people - 3 million cats are kept as pets in Australia. Now thanks to research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science today, we understand the genetics behind some of the traits that make them such good pets, such as docility and affection.

While it seems cats have been in close contact with humans for around 9,000 years, it is only in the past 200 years or so that we have produced the domesticated breed we know today.

The research team behind today's study, who were from various organizations including The Genome Institute, created the first complete domestic cat genome reference. To do this, they not only compared genomes of different mammals, such as cats, humans, cows and dogs, but they also compared the genomes of wild and domestic cats, and found the genes that make our household pets so friendly. Read More.

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Embrace - Purr-fectly Personalized Pet Insurance


TICA cares about your cat's health. That's why we've partnered with Embrace Pet Insurance.

Embrace lets you personalize a policy that fits your needs AND works within your budget - without sacrificing coverage. Plus, TICA members receive a 10-20% discount on Embrace's comprehensive accident & illness insurance.

Protect your cat. Click here to personalize an Embrace policy today.

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Great Holiday Gift idea!


The Feline Historical Museum in Alliance, Ohio, will be opening a new "Rainbow Bridge Memorial Corner" on January 1, 2015. Our 'Rainbow Bridge' cat will be the cornerstone of the memorial program, which will be an ideal opportunity to pay tribute to a special deceased pet (cat, dog, hamster, gerbil, etc).

For a $25.00 fee, your personal remembrance message will be included on a 4" x 6" card in our "Memories" book, complete with photo if you so choose. The memorial book will be available to all visitors to the museum.

For further program details, please email info@FelineHistoricalFoundation.org

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Royal Canin Lowers Prices



Why Your Cat Thinks You're a Huge, Unpredictable Idiot


Shingles isn't my condition; he's my cat. I love him like crazy, but he gets under my skin.

I'm not alone as a conflicted cat fancier. Tony Buffington is a veterinarian at Ohio State University, and he recently told me many cat owners are constantly frustrated by their feline companions. Even though we feed them, clean up after them, and pet, hug, and hold them, Buffington says that few of us know how to listen to our cats. This can make things more frustrating for them than for us. That's because no matter how much we love them, cats are our captives, domesticated aliens with no way of explaining their customs, or of interpreting ours. Read More.

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Cat boosts property price by $155,000


The love of a pet may be priceless to some, but not to this family - they bargained off their beloved puss for a cool $155,000. Melbourne family the Percevals were selling their home at auction when bidding closed at a fraction under the $2.3 million reserve price.

During negotiations with the potential buyer, it was revealed one of their children had fallen in love with Tiffany, the Perceval's cat, during inspections of the house.

"Tiffany decided she would sit on the couch," said Fran Perceval. "People would come through and she'd observe them and be patted. She loved all the attention - she does look a bit ornamental." Tiffany lived up to her lavish name and paid the ultimate price for her attention-seeking. The buyers agreed to increase their bid by $155,000 and buy the house - but only if the cat was chucked into the deal. Read More.

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