Humans' Use Of Pain-Relief Creams Proves Fatal To Felines


Veterinarians have long warned that pain medications like ibuprofen are toxic to pets. And it now looks like merely using a pain relief cream can put cats at risk.

That's what happened in two households, according to a report issued Friday by the Food and Drug Administration. Two cats in one household developed kidney failure and recovered with attention from a veterinarian. But in a second household, three cats died.

When the veterinarians performed necropsies on the three dead cats, they found toxic levels of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs. NSAIDs include ibuprofen, like Advil and Motrin, and naproxen, which is in Aleve.

Ibuprofen is the most common drug that pets eat, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, perhaps since many of the pills are candy-coated. In pets, the drugs can cause stomach or intestinal ulcers and kidney failure.

But these cats died by flurbiprofen, another NSAID. In the case of its most recent victims, the cat owner applied a lotion or cream containing flurbiprofen to treat muscle or arthritis pain. And it's highly unusual for a cat to show up at the vet's office; usually it's the dogs that get into trouble from exposure to NSAIDs. Read More

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Does YOUR cat suffer from 'Tom and Jerry syndrome'? Rare disorder causes felines to have seizures when they hear high-pitched sounds


If the sound of crinkling tin foil or a rustling crisp packet sets your teeth on edge, spare a thought for your cat.

Vets have discovered a rare feline disorder in which a seizure is triggered by high pitched or metallic sounds.

The condition - which they have named ‘Tom and Jerry Syndrome' after the cartoon cat's startled jerk - was completely unrecognised until a pet charity raised the alarm.

The charity, called International Cat Care, received a handful of enquiries from pet owners who said the briefest sound was sending their animal into spasms Read More

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Does Your Cat Have 9 Lives? We'll Cover Them All!


Be there for your cat, no matter the cost. With TICA's trusted partner, Embrace Pet Insurance, an unexpected accident or illness won't break the bank, so you can focus on getting the best care for your cat.

Peace of mind AND an exclusive 10-20% discount for TICA members - what could be better?!

Get your free Embrace Pet Insurance quote today.

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5 Ways to Tell Your Cat is a Senior


Fluffy may not be the frisky little kitten she once was, but how do you know if she's reached her golden years?

"There are no telltale signs, but, generally, cats over the age of eight are considered seniors," says Dr. Michele L. Paul, a veterinarian at Allentown Cat Clinic in Allentown, Pa.

Besides another candle on her Fancy Feast cake, you may notice changes in your cat's behavior as she gets older, too. While some of these physical and behavioral changes are an inevitable part of the aging process, others might be medical conditions that you can correct, control, or minimize, says Paul.

The first step to making sure your cat has the highest quality of life possible is visiting the veterinarian. Paul recommends taking your pet to the vet at least once a year for a checkup.

But you should also keep an eye on the categories listed below. If you see any of these changes-sudden or over time-in your cat, schedule another appointment with your vet as soon as possible. Read More

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Thank You World Pet Association!


The TICA World of Cats at the America's Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, California on April 10-11-12 was a huge success with this cover story In the Orange Country newspaper. Also, TICA recieved a big thank you from World Pet Association, America's Family Pet Expo!

Wolfie the 'werewolf cat' among the attractions at this week's pet expo in Costa Mesa

He doesn't howl at the moon, and he's vulnerable to more than a silver bullet, but Wolfie, Laurie Schiff's Lykoi cat is expected to be one of the most popular animals at this weekend's pet fest at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Image

"He's super friendly," Schiff said, explaining why she'll let people pet Wolfie all three days of America's Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, starting Friday.

Wolfie is among only 50 such cats known to exist in the world, identified by no fur on their paws and little fur on their faces, giving them a werewolf appearance.

Read More

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Precious Cat, Inc. Launches Dr. Elsey's Health Monitor™ Everyday Litter


Englewood, CO - April 27, 2015 - Precious Cat, Inc. announces Health Monitor™ Everyday Litter. Health Monitor™ Litter is a consistent particle sized (calibrated) scoopable litter that will help you monitor kidney function, diabetes and hyperthyroidism in your cat.

With Health Monitor™ Everyday Litter you can check your cat's urine in a calm home environment. Increased weight of urine balls can be a sign of kidney compromise, diabetes and hyperthyroidism. There is a chart provided on the Health Monitor™ box for you to compare the weight of your cat's urine balls. You can also download the Health Monitor™ App. to monitor your cat's urine balls. If the weight of the urine balls is at or above the levels on the chart, your cat is urinating too much regardless of diet. Weigh your cat's urine balls every three months. If the weight of the urine balls increases and the cat's diet is the same, see your veterinarian. Enclosed in the Health Monitor™ box is a free digital luggage/cat scale since it is also important to monitor your cat's weight every three months. If your cat has weight loss, see your veterinarian. Read More

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13 Books About Cats Every Feline-Lover Should Read, Because Fiction Does Not Get Any Cuter than This


Feline- and lit-lovers, your moment has come: these 13 books about cats are your dream bookshelf. I would know, because I'm both, too. Ever since the fateful night when I first came across her dodging car tires on the plateau in Montreal, I have been the loyal owner of a darling orange kitten who opens locked cabinets like a poltergeist and eats from the trash like a starved raccoon. Cat (whose name is in fact Cat) and I have travelled across countries, through deserts, and even, once, had the unfortunate pleasure of rooming next to some really sketchy characters in a seedier part of San Francisco. (I'll leave it to your imagination to figure out what they were doing.)

What strikes me most about straddling the cat person/dog person divide is how few people are willing to profess their love of cats to the world. I know the plethora of cat videos making the rounds on the interwebs would suggest otherwise, but somehow I can't help but feel that there is a lack of love for the feline friends who so silently saunter among us. So, for all the loud, proud cat-lovers out there, I've collected 13 must-read books that celebrate the fierce, furry, fabulousness of the feline. Read More

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Tritrichomonas Parasite

Today, in veterinarian circles, the Tritrichomonas parasite is recognized as what they call an "emerging disease" and has been reported in many countries around the world. It is reported that a full 30% of cats around the world are infected with the Tritrichomonas Foetus Feline protozoan parasite, and currently, there is no comprehensive treatment for it. Read More


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Dog lovers, cat lovers-can't we all just get along? After the success of our Most Popular Dog Names infographic, and in honor of National Pet Day, Rover.com dove deep into its data compiled from pet parents nationwide to uncover the most popular cat names-and how they stack up against those canine monikers.

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