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From the President’s Desk: A Message from TICA President Vicki Jo HarrisonTICA Condemns Aggressive Actions by The Russian Government Against Ukraine: Donates $10K to Aid Ukraine Pets and Owners Impacted by the War. |  New TICA Rule Coming May 1 | TICA Provides Training to Professional Feline Groomers. | Funds Available for TICA Clubs to Implement Cat Care 101 Seminars at Events. | TICA Welcomes New Club  | Dog and Cat Bill of Rights Introduced in California. | Animals in NJ could soon get court-appointed legal advocates. | TICA and Trupanion Spring Giveaway Reminder! | Woman Reunited with Missing Cat After Recognizing Meow Over the Phone. | In Case You Missed It… |  EveryCat Health Foundation April 2022 Update | TICA Regional Updates 


tica election cat

From the President’s Desk: A Message from TICA President Vicki Jo Harrison

Dear TICA Friends,

As millions of Ukrainian citizens have been forced from their homes in search of safety, many have taken their pets with them. Last month the TICA Board passed a special ballot to donate $7,500 USD to the Polish TICA Club, Klub Kota, to be used for purchase of food and lifesaving supplies to pets and their owners evacuated from the war in Ukraine. Read more about TICA’s efforts to aid Ukraine pets and owners impacted by the war and how you can contribute to the work of TICA clubs to aid pets and their owners from Ukraine.

Donations are already making a huge difference to breeders and pets impacted by the war in Ukraine. To date, Klub Kota has made six deliveries of supplies and the TICA Europe West Club Felinology has raised more than £5000 and amass over 9 tons of supplies

We continue to pray for the end of this senseless crisis and stand ready to help the innocent animals caught in this tragic war on humanity.

In housekeeping news, I want to remind everyone that to be eligible to vote in this fall’s balloting for elections of TICA Officers, Regional Directors, Breed Committees, etc., and proposed rule changes, you must be a member as of April 1 AND renew your TICA membership during May 1 through June 30, 2022. Those who join TICA on May 1 are not eligible to vote in the Fall election because they were not a member as of April 1, 2022.

TICA will hold a special Board of Directors on April 21 via zoom. Among the topics for discussion, the Board will discuss all regions continuing in isolated status. Read the full agenda and find information on how to participate on TICA’s website. Reach out to your respective Regional Directors with comments prior to the meeting.

As always, I wish each of you good health. Please stay safe and hug your kitties tight!

Vicki Jo Harrison
TICA President




TICA Condemns Aggressive Actions by The Russian Government Against Ukraine: Donates $10K to Aid Ukraine Pets and Owners Impacted by the War.

TICA’s Board of Directors passed a special ballot on March 8, 2022, to donate $7,500 USD to the Polish TICA Club, Klub Kota, to be used for purchase of food and supplies for pets and their owners affected by the war in Ukraine. TICA’s corporate affiliates contributed additional funds to allow a total of $10,000 USD for the first donation.

TICA’s Klub Kota has been working since the onset of the war and as of March 9, 2022, two van loads of supplies have been dispatched with more donations on the way.

Those wishing to join TICA in helping with Ukraine efforts can send donations to one of the following TICA clubs:

TICA Klub Kota
Send donations via electronic transfers only bank or PayPal to:
PayPal Donations: info@klubkota.pl
or donations to the club’s bank account: PL78249000050000450051502482
SWIFT: ALBPPLPW. Please, clearly mark all bank and /or PayPal transfers with words "HELP FOR UKRAINIAN CATS".

TICA Europe West Club Felinology
PayPal donations can be made via Friends and Family to: jezebel@jezebel.plus.com
Or donations to Felinology’s JustGiving crowdfunding page

In February, TICA officially condemned the aggressive actions of the Russian government against Ukraine and released the following public statement:

The International Cat Association (TICA) condemns the aggressive actions of the Russian government against Ukraine. Our hearts go out to everyone negatively impacted by this crisis. We are deeply concerned for the welfare of our Ukrainian friends and family who are the victims of acts of violence. With members in each of the affected areas and throughout the world, our hearts and prayers are with all who have suffered.

Animals are forgotten victims of war. They do not know war or conflict, and as many people have been displaced and forced to flee to safety with their cats, there is a need for shelter and emergency services.



vote cat

New TICA Rule Coming May 1

At the 2022 Winter Board meeting, the Board passed an amendment to Standing Rule 103.3.1 to unify membership dues across the association. With the necessary programming completed in TFMS, the following rates will take effect with the new year beginning May 1, 2022.

  Online TREND Printed TREND
1 Year $30 $35 ($40 International)
5 Year $135 $160 ($185 International)
1 Year Family $10 $15 (North America only)
5 Year Family Membership $40 $65 (North America only)
1 Year Junior $10 $15 ($20 International)
5 Year Junior $40 $65 ($90 International)
Life Membership $1000 $1000
Printed TREND subscription (North America) per year $5
Printed TREND subscription (International) per year $10

For your reference, No matter when in a membership year (i.e. May 1 - April 30) a person joins TICA, he/she must renew that membership on May 1st in accordance with By-Laws 113.1, 113.1.1 and 113.1.2. Memberships paid in April expire on April 30th of the following year. Membership dues are not prorated.

Membership status can be checked and renewed from your TFMS account.


welcome graphic

TICA Provides Training to Professional Feline Groomers.

TICA has moved into the Professional Grooming Community demographic to help teach professional groomers how best to handle and treat cats. Many groomers either will not accept cats to be groomed, or they are not knowledgeable of the proper way to handle cats when being groomed. This is hazardous and stressful to cats. TICA believes this area needs immediate attention, training, and knowledge.

TICA Attended the World Pet Association, Pet Expo and Grooming competition in Atlanta, GA last June. This opened the door for TICA to participate and present learning experiences for Professional Groomers this year.

As a result, TICA developed a co-partnership with International Professional Groomers Association, Inc., and offered training at the Groom Expo West in Pasadena, CA, Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference, and the Northwest Groom Show in Tacoma, WA. Sleepypod generously donated a mobile pet bed to be raffled off at each event.

Later this year, training will be offered at the following Grooming Events in 2022:

  • Groom Expo, Sept. 15-18, 2022, at The Hershey Lodge & Convention Center Hershey, PA.
  • All American Grooming Show, August 4-7, 2022, in Schaumburg, IL.




Funds Available for TICA Clubs to Implement Cat Care 101 Seminars at Events.

Attention all clubs, TICA has funds available for Cat Care 101 seminars to be held during your events. First launched in 2018 to teach the Girl and Boy Scouts of America and 4H groups about the basics of feline ownership, Sharon Kalani since took the program with her to Australia where the seminars became a huge success.

TICA has funds and materials available for clubs to present during their shows. Please contact TICA marketing at marketing.director@tica.org if you would like to add this program to your next event.


Vickie Fisher TICA Treasur

TICA Welcomes New Club

TICA continues to grow with the addition of a new clubs to our family. Please help us welcome Generations Cat Club (Grandbury, TX) to our TICA South Central Region!

Martin Wood TICA HOF

Dog and Cat Bill of Rights Introduced in California.

California Assembly member Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles) introduced a bill that would grant cats and dogs with a bill of rights, similar to the rights and protections of American people.

Assembly Bill 1881, otherwise known as the “Dog and Cat Bill of Rights,” provides pets with seven fundamental rights including freedom from exploitation, cruelty, neglect, and abuse; a life of comfort, free of fear and anxiety; preventive and therapeutic health care; and proper identification through tags, microchips, or other humane means. The bill goes beyond current legislation that makes it a crime for a person to abuse or neglect their pet and would require every shelter or rescue group to post the bill of rights in a visible place or face a $250 fine.

The bill should concern breeders and exhibitors as it includes many vague statements, including protecting a pet’s “mental and emotional well-being” (terms that are unclear and not defined) and states that dogs and cats have the “right to be spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted litters”, which does not properly consider exhibitors, responsible breeders, or the health of every cat.

Last year Santiago tried to introduce a similar bill, California Assembly Bill 702, intended to end breeding statewide. That bill was withdrawn for consideration last April (See article in TICA July 2021 Newsletter).

A hearing in the Assembly Business and Professions Committee has been scheduled on April 26, 2022. TICA joins other organizations in strongly opposing this bill. This is an opportunity for all TICA cat fanciers both who breed cats or own pedigree cats living in California to reach out to their Member of the Assembly to express concerns and educate them on the negative impact this could have on knowledgeable breeders in the state. Those who wish to act are encouraged to Contact Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, author of AB 1881. Let him know you are a knowledgeable breeder or someone who supports the ability to obtain pedigree cats, in California and respectfully ask that he not allow this bill to move forward. Be sure to mention if you live in his district of Los Angeles when contacting his office:
Sacramento Office Phone: (916) 319-2053

Los Angeles District Office Phone: (213) 620-4646


Or find your own local California representative to contact directly. You can also submit a position letter here.

When contacting Assemblyman Santiago or your Assemblyperson, you may want to educate them on the following:

  • The steps TICA cat fanciers and members take when breeding a litter to ensure the health of the mother and the kittens.
  • The steps you take when selling a kitten (such as offering a contract or information on the steps you take to ensure cats do not end up in shelters.
  • Review and offer breeding practices you follow that are found in TICA Breeder Code of Ethics.
  • Remember to add that the proposed measure, as introduced, will be extremely difficult for communities to enforce and it will divert scarce resources oversight from enforcement of serious animal issues such as true animal cruelty.
  • Knowledgeable, law-abiding hobby breeders will be harmed by the measure, while irresponsible individuals already in violation of the laws are unlikely to comply with the law.

 new jersey cats

Animals in NJ could soon get court-appointed legal advocates.

Animals in New Jersey could soon get assigned a representative advocating for their interests in court cases, under a bill that appears to have a good chance of making it through the Legislature.

The bill, A1965, has been approved by the NJ Assembly Judiciary Committee. The NJ Senate unanimously passed a version of the plan last year that never got an Assembly hearing, so it would have to be reconsidered in the Senate as part of the new two-year session.

The plan’s latest version establishes a two-year pilot Statewide Animal Advocate Program, under which judges hearing criminal cases that affect the welfare or care of an animal in NJ can appoint an attorney or law student who volunteers to represent the best interests of, and justice for, an animal.

Bill sponsor Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, D-Hudson, said none of the people in the criminal justice system are specifically tasked with looking out for the interests of animals – and that the proposal comes with no costs to the state.

The bill is modeled in part on a 2016 law in Connecticut called Desmond’s Law, which since has been replicated in Maine.

Advocates for the bill told lawmakers former Sen. Ray Lesniak, D-Union, has already recruited a team of around 40 attorneys volunteering to participate in the program.

trupanion giveaway

TICA and Trupanion Spring Giveaway Reminder!

Don’t forget to enter the TICA and Trupanion April giveaway! As part of our partnership with Trupanion, medical insurance for pets, they’re excited to offer a gift of 10 cat toys to send home with your next litter and a chance to win a $100 gift card!* If you’re a breeder in the U.S. or Canada, you can also sign up for Trupanion’s free Breeder Support Program.

By joining Trupanion’s Breeder Support Program, you’ll gain access to an exclusive offer that gives your buyers the option to enroll in a Trupanion policy with no waiting periods. You’ll also receive materials for your kitten packs, your own dedicated account manager, and access to a private breeder support Facebook group – all at no cost!

Get Started

Terms and conditions apply.** For full giveaway rules: click here

Don’t wait! This offer and giveaway are only valid for breeders who sign up by April 30, 2022!

*$100 USD Chewy gift card for US, $100 CAD Amazon.ca gift card for CAN. Valid only for breeders in the US and Canada. Maximum reward of up to $600 a year for individuals and households in Canada and the US (excluding Washington State). Maximum reward of up to $100 a year for individuals and households in Washington State.

** NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Must be legal resident of Canada (excluding Quebec) or 50 US states and DC (excluding ND and WV), 18+ and at least age of majority. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Enter by: April 30, 2022. Odds of winning depend on the # of entries. Details and rules can be found here. Sponsor: Trupanion Managers USA, Inc.

Trupanion is a registered trademark owned by Trupanion, Inc. Underwritten in Canada by Omega General Insurance Company and in the United States by American Pet Insurance Company, 6100-4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108. Please visit AmericanPetInsurance.com to review all available pet health insurance products.

National Cat Health Month

Woman Reunited with Missing Cat

Most cat owners say they can recognize the sound of their feline’s meow anywhere. That proved true for Rachel Lawrence.

Rachel was recently reunited with her cat Barnaby, affectionately known as Fatman, after he went missing for eight months in Braintree, Essex, in the United Kingdom. The unlikely reunion occurred when Rachel recognized her cat’s meow while calling her veterinarian to check on her other cat who was just coming out of surgery. It’s there that Lawrence heard the cries of a familiar feline and asked the vet if the meows were of her cat that had just gotten out of surgery and was told that they were instead the cry of a stray that was dropped off at their office the previous week.

Rachel had all but given up on her 2-year-old Barnaby when she heard the cat’s meow over the phone and asked the vet if the lost cat was black and had a distinct white patch on his back foot, which the vet confirmed. She was later reunited with Barnaby.

It’s not known where Barnaby went during the eight months he was missing, but he did end up in the veterinarian’s office with scabs, missing fur patches, and thinner.

Barnaby has been recovering since he has been back home and getting lots of love, cuddles and food from Rachel and her three kids to fatten him up so he can regain his “Fatman” nickname. 




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everycat logo

EveryCat Health Foundation February 2022 Update

Let's Get CAT-letic! You or your team can raise money for cat health studies!
A virtual race is one that can be completed from any location you choose. You can run, jog, walk or roll on the road, on a trail, on a treadmill, at the gym, or on a track. You get to decide your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself. Challenge your friends and proudly display your support of EveryCat! T-shirts and medals are available upon registration. Registration will open April 1st! Keep an eye on our social media and website for more information!

Save the Date! Just a reminder to mark your calendars for EveryCat Health Foundation's Feline Health Symposium this summer! Presented in collaboration with Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program, "Health Breakthroughs for Every Cat: FIP and Beyond" is scheduled for July 8th and 9th, 2022 at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine at Gainesville. Registration will be open soon! Presented both in-person and virtually, the in-person seating is limited to 150 attendees. The event will also include networking opportunities, some additional activities and "Feline Fête" on the 9th! You won't want to miss this! Keep an eye on our social media and website for more information!

Animal Care Expo. EveryCat Health Foundation will have an information booth (Booth #217) at the Animal Care Expo, April 19-22 in Orlando, FL. Executive Director Jackie Ott Jaakola and Board President Vickie Fisher will be hosting 2 roundtable discussions on grants and grantsmanship. Learn more details.


Regional Update

TICA Regional Updates

TICA Great Lakes Regional Update
TICA Northeast Regional Update
TICA Northwest Regional Update
TICA South Central Update
TICA Southeast Regional Update



TICA Great Lakes Regional Director Liz Brown:

TICA GL Treasury Balance. To date, the GL treasury balance is $4040.19. Thanks to all the GL clubs who donate $1/entry! Recent spending includes, $250 for the bottom RW (yearbook).

Make your plans now to attend the following upcoming shows in the TICA GL region:

  • April 23-24, 2022, Wisconsin-Illinois Cat Fanciers in Racine, WI.
  • May 14-15, 2022, GLFOF (merged with Prairie State) in Franklin Park, IL with HCM Clinic.
  • June 18-19, 2022, Practical Cats in Gray Summit, MO.
  • July 16-17, 2022, GL Regional - Buckeye Ohio Rollers in Wooster, OH.
  • Sept 2-4, 2022, TICA Annual - Showcats in Chicago, IL.
  • Oct 8-9, 2022, Buckeye Ohio Rollers in Wooster, IL.
  • Nov 12-13, 2022, Cats Rule Cat Club in Racine, WI moved from September to November.

Upcoming HCM Clinic. Make your plans to attend the upcoming HCM clinic at the Franklin Park May show, with a board-certified cardiologist. Cost will be approximately $250/cat. Sign-up link on the show calendar

Donations Needed. We are seeking donations towards the sponsorships for our two GL judges for the Annual judging the Sat-Sun show (Edith-Mary Smith and Nikki Crandall-Seibert). Please send donations via Paypal to Richsonrex@earthlink.net and make a note to earmark those funds.

Memorial Service for Alice Bilman. The memorial service will be held on April 10, 2022, in Shreve, OH. Flowers will be sent from the Region, and I hope to see many of you in attendance in the celebration of our dear friend.



TICA Northeast Regional Director Christian Cherau:

Make Plans to Attend our Last Three Shows of the Season. The 2021-2022 Show Season is lined up to go out with a triple header in the Northeast, don't miss out on 3 fantastic shows! We have hundreds of members in the region, spread between Ontario, Quebec, the Eastern Provinces of Canada, New York, and all of New England. I'd love to see all of you attend a show in April! I've asked every member of the region to show at least once a season if you can. Now is a great time to do so, if you go to all three shows that's 45 rings! We've seen shows and engagement ebb and flow, and I'd like to see us continue a strong rebound from the depths of missing shows due to COVID! All of three shows are in populous areas with huge potential to help us increase our exposure and engage new faces with our hobby. A rising tide of engagement and participation helps all of us and is more fun too!

  • April 15-17, 2022, presented by Loving Cats WorldWide (18 rings) in Mississauga (Toronto), Ontario. In conjunction with the Canadian Pet Expo - one of the largest expos in North America (don't worry, the cat show is very much a feature focus and it's easy to get in!). LCWW always puts on a world class show, too - join them for their Canadian premiere!
  • April 23-24, 2022, presented by Nauticats (8 rings and 7 congresses) in Gatineau (Ottawa), Quebec. In conjunction with SNAC, an all-new show in a new city for TICA! Plenty of congresses for you to title at and help show Ottawa what TICA is all about!
  • April 29-May 1, 2022, presented by Catsachusetts (19 rings plus 1 congress) in East Boston, Massachusetts. The traditional end of season show held by the Northeast - help us keep this strong season ending tradition alive and support your local shows!

NE Member Letter. If you live in the Northeast and didn't receive my first NE Member NERD-Letter, you can request to be added to the distribution by emailing regional.director.ne@tica.org. The April newsletter includes a preview of changes coming to the Junior Exhibitor program, further details on upcoming shows both this spring and fall, and hopefully information regarding this year's Regional Show and Awards.

Best of luck to everyone as we end the show season. And in all your deeds and shows this April, remember TICA's motto - FELINES, friendship... and fun!



TICA Northwest Regional Director Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz:

The 2022 Regional Awards. The Banquet will be held on Saturday evening, July 30, 2022, in conjunction with The Maine Event’s show at the Olympia Hotel at Capitol Lake in Olympia, WA. Make your plans now to sponsor regional awards and to attend the banquet. More information will be posted shortly on the TICA Northwest Region and The Maine Event websites.

New TICA NW Deputy Directors. The RD will be appointing one or more Deputy Director(s) to help with recruitment of new clubs and members, regional awards acquisitions and sponsorships, and dissemination of information to clubs and members. Contact the RD direct if you are interested in working on these worthwhile projects.

Make your plans now to attend the following upcoming shows in the TICA NW region:

  • April 30-May 1, 2022, SeaCats in Issaquah, WA
  • May 14-15, 2022, Cat Fanciers of British Columbia in Sooke, BC.
  • June 11-12, 2022, Commencement Cat Club in Chehalis, WA.
  • July 9-10, 2022, It’s Reigning Cats in Portland, OR.
  • July 30-31, 2022, The Maine Event in Olympia, WA.
  • August 13-14, 2022, Cat Fanciers of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.


TICA South Central Regional Director Jim Armel:

For this final month of the show season, let’s all remember why we love this hobby of ours! Enjoy your time at one or all three of the shows this month in region with your friends and kitties! Let’s celebrate the excitement of our year coming to a close. Cheer on our winners and start making plans for that new kitten we have at home!

I want to thank each of you for supporting our clubs all year by attending shows, sponsoring a ring, and giving of yourselves in times of need and sorrow. It’s been a difficult year slowly coming out of the pandemic, but we’re pretty much back on track with most all our clubs now up and running and planning shows. I’m already looking forward to a new season right around the corner!

Stay safe and healthy,


TICA Southeast Regional Director Rene Knapp:

Welcome to Our New TICA SE Treasurer. Changes in the southeast are moving along quickly and smoothly. Barbara Kissinger has agreed to be our new Southeast Treasurer and we are in the process of doing all the bank paperwork. Barbara is a real numbers person and I know will prove herself to be an asset to the region.

Recipe Cat Calendar Fundraiser Update. Our show year recipe/cat calendar fundraiser is well on its way - we have gone over the breakeven point and we are earning money for our Junior exhibitor fund as well as the regional awards fund. Anyone in any region can contact me if interested in supporting this cause.

New TICA SE Website Update. I am very excited to report that the new TICA Southeast website is set to make its debut of its first phase on April 1, 2022. Plans include five phases and much of the input has been suggested by the exhibitors. We are hoping to make this the information center for all things SE TICA. The web address will remain: http://www.seregiontica.org. Right now that address still links to the old website but that will soon change.

End of Show Season. The end of the show season is upon us. Our last southeast show is April 16 and 17, 2022 in Clearwater, Florida. We start right back up with our CEU fest on May 6th followed by a show the 7th and 8th, also in Clearwater

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