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Step-by-Step Instructions

Our Knowledge Base has Step-by-Step Instructions to help you request some of our services. Select a category to see the topics for that category. Click on the topic and you will be taken to the information for that topic. You can use this link to return back to the initial page which also provides a search function. 

Notice! TICA Executive Office is open again with limited staff

Currently processing tickets received during the week of April 28, 2020

Knowledge Base - I have a sales contract.

If the sales contract shows the following information in the same or similar characters as used in English it may be accepted by the Executive Office as proof of ownership:

  • It is identified as a Sales Contract.
  • Name and address of previous owner.
  • Name and address of new owner.
  • Identification of the cat (at least complete name, breed, color, and birth date).
  • Date of sale.
  • Signature of seller.
  • Signature of buyer.

If the necessary information is not available in a language / character set which the Executive Office staff can understand you may need to contact your Regional Director or have someone known and trusted by the Executive Office verify ownership for you.


Created : 2018-12-22 19:16:18, Last Modified : 2018-12-22 19:16:31

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