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Sponsor a 2018-2019 Top 25 International Winners

TICA’s Annual is time to celebrate the top cats and kittens from around the world for the recent show season. If you’ve been cheering on a winner from your region… or a cat or kitten that represents your breed and made the Top International Winners… or you just want to say “congratulations” to a friend and their cat…now you have the chance to sponsor their International Award!

  • You can sponsor the Award for the International Best to 25th best cat (longhair and shorthair), kitten, alter, household pet, household pet kitten, and all best of breed cats FOR ONLY $25 EACH!
  • You can also sponsor the trophy for best cat, kitten, alter, household pet or household pet kitten FOR ONLY $100 EACH
  • Individuals (up to 2 people), catteries, or even regional clubs can sponsor their favorite cat or kitten.
  • As a “thank you” for sponsoring that cat or kitten, that sponsor (or sponsors) will be listed on the winner’s plaque or trophy in the Annual Awards program, in the TICA Trend and on this web page.
  • Sponsorships will be granted on a first come first served basis. Whoever gets their payment verified first, gets the sponsorships. There will be no “reserving” of sponsorships. After your payment is verified by the Executive Office, you will receive an email and your sponsorship name will show below.

Thank you for your sponsorships! The sponsorship deadline is now closed.

The deadline to sponsor one of the Top International Winners is July 18, 2019…but don’t wait because these sponsorships will go fast!!

Attention Winners!! Please send a picture to webmaster@tica.org by August 10th for inclusion on this page! Also please send a picture to Chris which will be included in the TICA Yearbook. 

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