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Standing Committees

The President, with the advice of the Board of Directors, shall appoint persons knowledgeable in the fields specified to serve on standing committees. Any other committees, which from time to time may be necessary and proper for the effective and efficient operation of the Association, may be created by the President and appointments to them are made by the President, with the advice of the Board.

Advisory Standing Committees:

The following committees serve in an advisory capacity, bringing unique knowledge and skills that aid the Board to make more effective decisions on behalf of the Association.

Rules Committee

The mission of the Rules Committee is to review all proposed amendments to the By-Laws, Show Rules, Registration Rules and Standards of the Association, to note other rules affected by the proposed change and to ensure that the proper terms are used to convey the meaning intended and to ensure uniformity of terminology throughout the By-Laws, Show Rules and Standards of the Association.

Chair: Martin Wood tica@woodycoon.com
Members: Carlos Lopez judging.admin@tica.org
  Toni Jones hojpojorientals@gmail.com
  Patti Struck patti@jasirisana.com
  Mette Lambert mette.lambert@gmail.com
  Poppy Schofield c_schofield@shaw.ca
  Susan Adler legal.counsel@tica.org
  Rick Hoskinson rhoskinson@hoskinsonfuneral.com
  Ellen Crockett vicrock@vicrock.cnc.net
  Vickie Fisher coonquest@gmail.com
  Nicki Fenwick-Raven nickifenwickraven@gmail.com
  Canie Brooks canie@wildgoldbengals.com
  Agata Kruszona-Zawadzka ilendri.tica@gmail.com
Board Liaison: Brenda Russo Blrusso@comcast.net

Genetics Committee

The mission of the Genetics Committee is to advise the Board of Directors in any matter relating to breeds, breeding, colors, deformities or any other matter in the field of genetics.

Chair: Heather E. Lorimer Ph.D. dr.lorimer@gmail.com
Members: Adriana Kajon. Ph.D. adrianakajon@gmail.com
  Dr. Vikki Moran vikki.moran@sky.com
  Massimo Picardello picard@mat.uniroma2.it
  Dr. Dragana Petkovic mythaidiamond@gmail.com
  Lorraine Shelton featherland@gmail.com
  Ellen Crockett vicrock@vicrock.cnc.net
  Anthony Hutcherson jungletraxcats@gmail.com
  Dr. Nikki Crandall-Seibert rockinashi@gmail.com
Board Liaison: Liesbeth van Mullem nl.liesbethvanmullem@gmail.com

Legal Committee

The mission of the Legal Committee is to advise the Board of Directors on legal rights, obligations, and liabilities and to offer legal opinions and interpretations of proposed amendments to By-Laws, Show Rules, Registration Rules and Standards of the Association, and to offer advice regarding other matters which may affect the Association including contracts and agreements; to investigate and advise the Board of the facts surrounding complaints, to act as hearing officers or in any other matters delegated by the Board of Directors. The chairperson is authorized to appoint any such as hoc committee as may be advisable to assist with such investigations. 

This Committee Is Currently Inactive.


Feline Welfare Committee

The mission of the Feline Welfare Committee is to assist TICA members with feline welfare issues, to make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding programs to promote feline welfare and responsible breeding, to create and assist in programs that will aid TICA members with feline welfare issues and to assist in the resolution of complaints made to TICA regarding the welfare of cats.

This Committee Is Currently Inactive.


Legislative Committee

The mission of the Legislative Committee is to identify legislation and areas affected; to coordinate with other animal organizations to defuse any negative action that would endanger the continuation of owning, breeding or showing cats; to solicit support of the Regional Director in a target area who will appoint two regional members for the purpose of encouraging attendance at meetings and/or writing letters to the people responsible for passing laws/ordinances.


Chair:                    Susan Adler                               nycsa@aol.com

Members:             Katharina Ginic                         russicats@gmail.com

                              Canie Brooks                            canie.brooks@gmail.com

                              Anthony Hutcherson                  jungletraxcats@gmail.com

                               Brigitte Poulliot                          bripou69@hotmail.com

                              Marc Verbeeren                         secr@btcc.be


Standards Committee

The mission of the Standards Committee is to assist new breeds in developing well written and understandable breed standards; to assist existing Breed Committees with any proposed changes to their standards; act as a liaison between the existing Breed Committees, the TICA judges, and the Board of Directors to ensure that the terms used in existing Standards convey the meaning intended and to ensure uniformity of terminology through the existing Standards of the Association; and make certain all updates and new standards are incorporated into the standards and on the TICA Website. 


Chair:                                                                Martin Wood                                                          tica@woodycoon.com

Board Liaison:                                                  Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz                                     elaine.weitz@comcast.net

 Members:                                                         Amy Stadter                                                          amy.stadter@gmx.net

                                                                           Fate Mays                                                             lmays@stx.rr.com

                                                                           Lynne Sherer                                                        lynnesherer@gmail.com

                                                                           Lorraine Shelton                                                    featherland@earthlink.net

                                                                           Steven Corneille                                                    stevencorneille@aol.com


Board Administrative Standing Committees:

The following committees are created by the Board of Directors in order to perform certain delegated duties on behalf of the Board. Unless otherwise specified, a member of a Board Administrative Standing Committee may not concurrently serve as a member of the Board of Directors.

Judging Committee

The Role of the Judging Committee is to administer non-disciplinary matters related to the Judging Program. This includes, but is not limited to, acceptances into or advancements within the program, continuing education, and testing. The Committee may make recommendations to the Board of Directors for changes to the Judging Program.

Judging Admin: Carlos Lopez judging.admin@tica.org
Deputy Judging Admin: Connie Webb jc.records@tica.org
Testing Coordinator/Refresher Test Coordinator:
Toni Jones Hojpojorientals@gmail.com
Newsletter: Laura Cunningham coonyham@yahoo.com
Genetics CEU Contents: Adriana Kajon adrianakajon@gmail.com
Trainee Coordinator:
Karen Stinson winteridge@aol.com
Guest Judge Coordinator: Massimo Picardello picard@mat.uniroma2.it
Members: Phillipa Holmes britannicus7@sky.com
  Carol Lawson bora34228@gmail.com
  Nahoko Kaizuka reddoor.nahoko@nifty.ne.jp
Board Liaison: Luiz Paulo Faccioli lpfaccioli@gmail.com

Other Committees

Junior Exhibitor Committee

The Junior Exhibitor Committee was formed to develop, test and refine a TICA Junior Exhibitor Program that will attract, engage and educate youthful exhibitors under the age of 18 by exposing TICA junior exhibitors to both competition and a continuing educational process as they work their way through six levels of achievement.

Chairs: Jackie Rose SC cuddlebugpersians@msn.com
  Stephanie Smith SE holyfold@aol.com
 Board Liaison:  Christian Cherau NE christiancherau@cox.net
 Members:  Rebecca Boesch ES vomkristallberg@outlook.com
  Melene Thykaer EN gigantcat@gmail.com
  Colette Millett EW colette.millett@btinternet.com
  Lorna Friemoth-Gallion GL nudawnzcfa@hotmail.com
  Samantha Kerr GL samanthakerr@akerrsbengals.com
  Theresa Vogal MA teresavogel02@gmail.com
  Megan Gallaher MA Mlgallaher0192@gmail.com
   Susanna Shon MP  purrsiaoriental@yahoo.com
   Sue Cherau NE  suecherau@cox.net
  Julie Laney NW raniersavannahs@gmail.com
  Kay Hanvey NW catcantdoo@yahoo.com
  Ana Ferreyra SA ana@narkiayun.com.ar
  Mistelle Stevenson SC robbymistys@aol.com
  Lanna Edmonds SC edmondsequines@yahoo.com
  Toni Scarboro SW trscarboro62@gmail.com
  Meg Ridgway SE meg.ridgway@gmail.com


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