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Lifetime Achievement Awards

The TICA Lifetime Achievement program recognizes cats who have excelled in the show ring. These special cats will be awarded the title LA on a certificate, suitable for framing, and will be recognized in the TICA TREND, the Yearbook and in the Annual Awards Program. Cats certified as earning this award shall be eligible to use the title LA before their name in the following fashion, LA SGC Babsy's Baby.

All eligible cats must have received at least one Top 25 International award as a kitten, cat or alter and two International or Regional top 25 awards as a kitten, cat or alter. (Example: A regional top 25 kitten and top 25 cat in 1998 and a top 25 international alter in 1999 would make the cat eligible for this title.) Two titles may be achieved in 1 year, i.e., top kitten and cat or alter. However, a Regional award and an International award on the same cat (See Show Rule 21.73) in the same year counts as only one title. Ownership of the cat may change from year to year. The award is for the cat, not the owner, although the current owner will be requesting the award. Championship kittens, cats, alters and Household Pet kittens and cats are eligible for the lifetime achievement award.


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