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2023 Ballot Candidates

If you would like to file for candidacy for any of these positions, please read through the requirements and rules below.

To file for candidacy:

  1. Candidates can email their declaration to Candidate@tica.org and the EO will send an invoice for the filing fee.
  2. Filing period June 1 – July 31st
  3. Filing fee for president/vice-president- USD 25
  4. Filing fee for breed committee-USD 10
  5. Membership should be = > 2027
  6. Must have been member in good standing for 2 consecutive years

Names in blue have links to candidates supporting statements 

President: Choosing a candidate for President

Vicki Jo Harrison

Ralph Stadter

Vice President: Choosing a candidate for Vice President

Liz Brown

Ellen V Crockett


TICA Breed Committee Member: Choosing a candidate for TICA Breed Committee Member


Breed Committees:

Abyssinian Breed Group (AB):

Steven Corneille

Cheryl Davern

Carlos Lopez

Donna Maddox

Brenda Russo

Vicki White

American Bobtail (SH/LH):

Lorna Friemoth

American Curl (LH/SH):

Linda Bull

Jane Lopresti

Grace Ruga

Joe Ruga

Australian Mist (AUM):

Kay L Hanvey

American Shorthair (AS):

Liz Brown

Robin Higgins

Lynette Jacobs

Richard Hoskinson

Carol Rothfeld

Esther Saunders

Bengal Breed Group (BG/BGL):

Canie Brooks

Steven Corneille

Melissa Dorko

Kelli Faram

Samantha Kerr

Robyn Paterson

Jessica Petras

Michael Petras

Kathy Shaw

Irene VanBelzen

Sophi Yates


Michelle Andrade

Nikki Crandall-Seibert

Nicki Fenwick-Raven

Leslie Hurley

Charlotte Shea

Burmilla (SH/LH):

British Breed Group (BS/BL):

Gregory Anderson

Pamela A Barrett

Hanna Brister

Jesub Byun

Marion Collins

Sue Cummins

Priscilla Kohutek

Andreas Kretschmer-Kraiczek

Shelly Mitchell

Tatiana Perry

Renae Silver

Sharon Werning

Burmese/Bombay Breed Group (BU/BO):

Beata Broing

Asa Broing

Mette Lambert

Jackie Luebke-Puetz

Theo Mitchell

Cornish Rex (CR):

Karen Wilkins


Chausie (CU):

Devon Rex (DR):

Ellen V. Crockett

Honey Gilmore

Lyssa Paul


Megan Duffy

Kathryn Eden

Alisyn Garza

Egyptian Mau:

Denise Spraker

Havana (HB):

Jonna Inman

Household Pet:

Carol Barton

Vanadis Crawford

Catherine Gargill

Honey Gilmore

Angela Ng

Barbara Waindle

Michelle Whiting

Jenny Wickle

Japanese Bobtail Breed Group (JB/JBL):

Nikki Crandall-Seibert

Vanadis Crawford

Lorna Friemoth

Becky Smith

Khaomanee (KM):

Nikki Crandall-Seibert

Nancy Schuman

Lori Snook


Kurilian Bobtail Breed Group (KB/KBL):

Nicki Fenwick-Raven

LaPerm Breed Group (LP/LPS):

Denise Abraham

Nicola Lovell

Lykoi (LY):

John F Sokol

Manx Breed Group (MX/CY): 

Honey Gilmore

Shari Millar

Lyssa Paull

Maine Coon Breed Group (MC/MCP):

Teresa Brainerd

Janet Brown

Liz Brown

Daniel Fradkin

Judy Friedman

Phillipa M Holmes

Deborah Kinsley

Teri Matzkin

Vanessa Sinephro

Carolyn (Cari) Tucker

Rianna Vande Vusse

Laurie Taft Woods

Munchkin Breed Group (MK/MKL):

Elodie Danielou

Nathalie Danielou

Edwina Lott

Samantha McConnell

Sherri McConnell

Minuet Breed Group (MNT/MNL):

Barbara Graden

Edwina Lott

Samantha McConnell

Sherri McConnell

Catherine Rudy


Norwegian Forest:

Donna Armel

James(Jim) Armel

Romaine E Halupa

Yumiko Sotazaki

Rieko Sugiura

Ocicat (OC): 

Patricia L. Arnold

Ellen Karr

Catherine Kennedy

Robin Madigan

Frances Volkman

Persian Breed Group (PS/HI/ES):

Jane Allen

Christa Chapman

Jorge Garnica

Dodie Johnson

Evita Naumenko

Brigitte Pouliot

Peterbald (PD):

Joanna Bell

Audrey Marquis

Adolfo Gonzalez Marquez

Susanna Shon

Pixiebob (SH/LH):

Kornelia (Konnie) Surmann


Kristin Demko

Heather Ellis

Mimi Xin Fu

Seanna Grochowski

Carol Jaquez

Amanda Jimmink

Judit Jozan

Christine Lupo

Alexandra Marinets

Victoria Milam

Lois Miu

Stormi Nell

Amanda Nicodemus

David Nudleman

Dana Pendergraph

Mary Riddell

Charles Smith

Amy Stadter

Kerry Strassenreiter

Roxann Stephens Vass

Sierra Tiktas

Kim Volckaerts

Russian Blue:

Dmitry S Gembitsky

Elizabeth Miller

Savannah (SV):

Katrin Albertsmeyer

Christine Avalon-Stankovic

Evelyne Beek

Paige Dana

Pamela Flachs

Heather Jackson

Julie Laney

Donna B Lawver

Brigitte Moyne

Ashley Perenich

Kelly Sheppard

Scottish Breed Group (SF/SFL/SCS/SCL): 

Shelby Averhart

Paul Harrison

Cheryl Hogan

Teresa Logan

Kathy Morton

Karin Roth

Maria Shevchenko

Stephanie Smith

Selkirk Rex (LH/SH):

Paula Briner

Gale Perry

Lucy Robinson

Katherine Marshall Ruttan

Sarah Ruttan

Sarah Louise Walker

Siamese Breed Group (SI/BA/OS/OL): 

Susan Adler

Charissa Ebersole

Lorna Friemoth

Jenny Hamons

Vicki Jo Harrison

Toni Jones

Julie Keyer

Linda Lichtenstein

Heather Lorimer

Siberian (SB):

Winona Bowman

Maria Bunina

Rose Mary Cyr

Donna Francis

Maxime Gagne

Dia Killoran

Kimberly McDaniel

Shelley Sopa

Mayumi (Mimi) Tsuruoka

Singapura (SG):

Catherine Bourreau

Adrian Kajon

Vickie Shields

Somali (SO): 

Cheryl Leigh Chamberlin

Kerry J Dolan

Mary Franz


Sandra McAllister

Claudia Peters


Amanda Brass

Shauntay Burris

Carolyn Flasch

Blake Gipson

Tara Hacket

April Leitte

Sarah Little

Alessio Pasquini

Laurie Schiff

Marion Schiff

Kathryn W Sottile

Kelly Thompson


Thai (TH):

Carola Hopfe

Emily Winfield


Laurie Schiff

Marion Schiff

Toyger (TG):

Sofia Larabi

Elizabeth Rach

Mickael Rouver

Turkish Angora (TA):

Christine Masser

Jenny Wickle

Turkish Van: 

Catharine Claucherty

Nicky Goulter

Erica Tadajewski

Michelle Whiting




Article Fourteen – Election of Officers

114.1 Time of Election. Election of officers shall take place in October every third year by ballot of the membership.

1014.1 Intervals. The regional Directors from the Mid Pacific, Northeast, Northern Europe, South America, Southeast, Western Europe and Southwest regions are elected every 3 years beginning in 1994. All other Regional Directors are elected every 3 years beginning in 1995.

1014.1.1 If a region is added, or adjustments are made to a region or regions, the first term of the new Regional Director will be determined in such a way that no more than one-half the Board of Directors will stand for election or re-election in any given year.

114.1.1 Beginning in 2005, the President and Vice-President shall be elected every 3 years in the same years that Breed Committees are elected.

114.1.2 The President and Vice-President elected in 2001 shall serve an additional year in order to make the transition in election years.

1014.2 Fees.

1014.2.1 Filing Fees. The filing fee for election to the Board of Directors is $25. The filing fee for election to Breed Committees is $10.

1014.2.2 Membership Fees. Any member qualifying for an elected office shall be required to pay membership dues for the entire term of office for which he qualifies in addition to the filing fees.

1014.2.3 TREND Fee. The fee for a 500-word article to be published in the TICA TREND is $30. Candidates may include a photo with the statement. Statements are limited to the August/September and October/November TREND.

1014.2.4 No other advertisement, endorsement or article on any candidacy may be printed in the official newsletter. Candidates who are drafted by write-in vote of the membership shall fulfill all qualifications of those filing for office.

114.2 Announcement of Candidates. Any member who has been a member in good standing for 2 consecutive years immediately preceding shall be eligible to seek office and shall declare his candidacy in writing to the Executive Office not more than 4 months nor less than 2 months before the election month with the filing fee established by the Board of Directors. If no member in the region or no member in the Breed/Breed Group Section has been a member for the 2 years immediately preceding the election, the 2-year membership requirement shall not apply. This shall entitle the candidate to be listed as a candidate for the office sought in every issue of the newsletter including the newsletter prior to the ballot being mailed to the membership. Each candidate shall be entitled to publish a summary of his/her experience, credentials and platform in accordance with Standing Rules.

Article Seven - Duties of Officiers

17.1 Duties of the President and Vice President.

17.1.1 Duties of the President: The President shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the
Association and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. The President shall preside at the Annual
Convention and all other meetings of the membership and the Board of Directors. The President shall
perform all duties delegated to that office by these By-Laws or by the Board of Directors. The President
shall enter into no contracts or file no lawsuits in the name of the Association without specific authority
from the Board of Directors.

17.1.2 Duties of the Vice President: In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall serve
as President and Chairperson of the Board of Directors and shall perform all other duties delegated to
that office by these By-Laws, the President or the Board of Directors.

114.3 Election.

114.3.1 The election ballot shall contain a list of candidates. The ballot for election of President, Vice President and Regional Directors shall also contain lines for write-in votes. The provisions of Article Thirteen shall apply to election of officers.

114.3.2 The candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. In the case of a tie, a run-off election shall be held.

114.3.3 No person may hold more than one elected position on the Board of Directors at one time. A Regional Director who is elected President or Vice-President must resign as Regional Director effective on the date of assuming the office of President or Vice-President. Appointment of a new Regional Director shall be in accordance with 15.3.2 of these By-Laws.

114.4 Run-Off Elections. If a run-off election is required, a run-off ballot shall be mailed to each member eligible to vote. The provisions of Article Thirteen shall apply to run-off elections.

114.5 Elected officers shall take office January of the ensuing year.

114.6 Responsibilities of Members. Each member shall be responsible to ensure that his ballot is properly authenticated and forwarded as set forth in 113.3.5 above. No member shall attempt to invalidate or otherwise tamper with the TICA election process in any manner whatsoever.

Breed Committee Elections

15.2 Elected Breed/Breed Group Committees.

15.2.1 The members of each Breed/Breed Group Section shall elect a Breed Committee, each member
to serve a term of 3 years or until a successor is duly elected or appointed in the event of a vacancy. The number of Breed/Breed Group Committee members shall be determined
as set forth in the Standing Rules and may be increased or decreased based on the number of
Breed/Breed Group Section members and the needs of the Breed/Breed Group Section.

105.2.1 Breed Committees. The number of breed Committee members shall be determined by the number of
Breed Section Members as of April 30th of the election year as extracted from the membership program. The
following formula will be applied:
Under 75 Breed Section Members: 3 Committee Members
75-150 Breed Section Members: 5 Committee Members
Over 150 Breed Section Members: 7 Committee Members
105.2.2 The filing fee for election to Breed Committees is $10. The Breed/Breed Group Committee member receiving the highest number of
votes shall become the Breed/Breed Group Committee Chairperson. In the event of a two-way tie, the two receiving the highest number of votes
may serve as co-chairpersons or may determine between themselves the chairperson or may request
a run-off. It shall be the responsibility of the two concerned to advise the Executive Office which option
they are exercising. In the event of a three-way or greater tie, a run-off election shall be held to
determine the chairperson. If for any reason the Breed Committee Chair is vacated, the Breed Committee
member who received the next highest number of votes shall become the Breed Committee Chair. The
vacant seat on the Breed Committee shall be filled with the Breed Section member who received the
next highest number of votes. If all members who ran in the election for Breed Committee are already
serving, the Breed Committee may complete the term with a vacant seat(s) or request that the vacancy
be filled by appointment of the Board of Directors. The Breed Committee shall notify the Executive
Office of any such changes. Notices of Breed Committee resignations and replacements shall be
published in the TICA TREND.

15.2.2 Qualifications for Election to a Breed/Breed Group Committee. Candidates for election to a
Breed/Breed Group Committee shall provide documentation of having met the following requirements
for election: Have met the eligibility requirement(s) to vote in any TICA election (See ByLaws 113.1).
TICA By-Laws, Page 10 Version C 25-Apr-2023 Have met the requirements for Breed/Breed Group Section membership (See
By-Laws 14.1) Have paid TICA membership dues for the 3 years of the applicable term. Have a TICA Registered Cattery (except for the HHP Breed Committee). Have bred and registered with TICA a minimum of two litters of the appropriate
breed (except for the HHP Breed Committee).
Or Have owned and shown a cat of the appropriate breed in a minimum of five
shows within the three show seasons immediately preceding the election. (Note: Applicants for
Household Pet Breed Committee(s) must meet this requirement to qualify for breed committee
election.) Breed Group Membership. For those breed sections that have been merged
into a breed group, membership in only one breed of the breed group is sufficient to allow the member
otherwise qualified to seek membership on the breed group committee.

15.2.3 No member shall be a member of more than three breed committees.

15.3 No person shall be eligible to serve as an elected officer (See By-Laws 15.1) of this Association
who is an officer of another similar association, or who has any outstanding indebtedness to TICA or
to a TICA club.

15.4 Resignation of elected officers shall take effect immediately unless the resignation itself states
an effective date, in which case the resignation shall become effective on the stated date.

15.5 In order to avoid a possible conflict of interest no person(s) who is a principal(s) in any show
production company shall be eligible to serve as an officer or director of this association.





Election Results: Regional Directors

  • Mid Pacific: Carol Barton
  • Northeast: Christian Cherau
  • Northern Europe: Liesbeth van Mullen
  • South America: Luiz Paulo Faccioli
  • Southeast: Rene Knapp
  • Southwest: Laurie Schiff
  • Western Europe: Nicky Goulter

Election Results: President, Vice-President, Breed Committees

  • Presidential Results: Vicki Jo Harrison
  • Vice-Presidential Results: Ralph Stadter
  • For Breed Committee Results, see 2020 Membership Ballot Results

Election Results: Regional Directors

  • Asia East: Akiko Ishimura
  • Great Lakes: Liz Brown
  • Mid-Atlantic: Brendo Russo 
  • Northwest: Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz
  • South Central: Vicki Jo Harrison
  • Southern Europe: Steven Meserve

Prepared by: Election America

Election Results: President, Vice-President, Breed Committees

  • Presidential Results: Vickie Fisher
  • Vice-Presidential Results: Bobbie Tullo
  • For Breed Committee Results, see 2017 Membership Ballot Detailed Results

Prepared by: Votenet Solutions

 Election Results: Regional Directors

  • Regional Director Asia: Shunichi Kuroda
  • Regional Director South Central: Vicki Jo Harrison
  • Regional Director Great Lakes: Liz Hansen
  • Regional Director Mid Atlantic: Anthony Hutcherson
  • Regional Director Northwest: Ellen V Crockett
  • Regional Director Southern Europe: Kurt Vlach

Prepared by: Votenet Solutions (12/15/15)

 Election Results: Regional Directors

  • Regional Director: Northern Europe: Ralph Stadter
  • Regional Director: Western Europe: Phil Cornwell
  • Regional Director: Mid Pacific: Gloria Mahan
  • Regional Director: Northeast: Donna Madison
  • Regional Director: South America: Luiz Paulo Faccioli
  • Regional Director: Southeast: Laurie Patton
  • Regional Director: Southwest: Alexandra Chisholm

Prepared by: Votenet Solutions

Election Results: President, Vice-President, and Breed Committees

  • Presidential Results: Fate (Lafayette) Mays
  • Vice-Presidential Results: Bobbie Tullo
  • For Breed Committee Results, please refer to 2014 Membership Ballot Detailed Results

Prepared by: Votenet Solutions

Election Results: Regional Director

  • Asia: Motoko Oizumi (Write-In)
  • Europe Southern: Damien Bourreau
  • Great Lakes: Miguel (Mike) Vasquez
  • Mid Atlantic: Susan Adler
  • Northwest: Ellen V Crockett
  • South Central: Wendy Klamm


Prepared by: Votenet Solutions

Election Results: Regional Director

  • Mid Pacific: Jay Bangle
  • Southeast: Laurie Patton
  • Southwest: Kristine Alessio
  • Northeast: Francine Hicks
  • Northern Europe: Ralph Stadter
  • Western Europe: Phil Cornwell

Prepared by: Votenet Solutions

Election Results: President, Vice-President, Breed Committees

  • President: Vickie Fisher
  • Vice President: Bobbie Tullo
  • For Breed Committee Results, please refer to 2011 Membership Ballot Detailed Results

Prepared by: Votenet Solutions

Election Results: Regional Director

  • NORTHEAST: Francine Hicks
  • NORTHERN EUROPE: Ralph Stadter
  • MID PACIFIC: Linda Kay Ashley
  • SOUTHEAST: Edward S. Manning Jr.
  • SOUTHWEST: Jackie Rose
  • WESTERN EUROPE: Martin Wood



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